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The seawaters of the Northern Sporades are amongst the clearest waters in the world, which makes virtually all of Alonissos a safe and satisfying island for swimming. In addition to Patitiri, other beaches are Roussoum, Votsi, Milia, Chrissi Milia, Kokkinokastro, Tzortzi-Gialos, Lefto-Gialos, Agios Dimitrios, Marpounta, Vithisma, Megalos Mourtias, and Mikros Mourtias.

Besides these, on the northwest part of the island are the beaches of Vrisitsa, Gialia, Tskalia, Tourkoneri and Megali Ammos. It takes from 10 to 45 minutes to reach these beaches by rented car or boat.

Excursion boats will take you to the deserted islands of Peristera, Kyra-Panagia, Gioura, Psathoura, Skantzoura, to visit these beautiful beaches.

It is a small beach with sand and pebbles south west of the island. You can get there leaving from the cemetery to the old village (this part of the road is not very good) or by boat. It was used until the middle '70s as a small port of the old village for the boat making daily trips to Skopelos. As there is no tavern there, it is recommended to take water or supplies with you. It is a very silent and peaceful place so don't be surprised if you meet some nude swimmers there.
A very nice pebble beach, with clear blue-green water, on the south west of the island, next to Vithisma. You can go by car or bike, leaving from the
old village. There are three taverns, where you can enjoy lunch or drinks. It is a very populated beach because of its beauty, calm, clear sea and
because it is near old Alonissos and Patitiri.

It is a very nice sandy beach between Marpounta and Megalos Mourtias. The easiest way to get there is by boat and it is always quiet and peaceful.
Don't forget to take some water and snacks with you, because there is no tavern or snack bar.
A very populated beach with sand and pebbles and a range of water sports and taverns.

It is the small bay next to the hotel between Patitiri and Votsi. It is the nearest beach for swimming (5 minute walk from the hotel). There are three taverns, where you can find fresh fish and seafood.

It is a very nice beach which you find on the way to Chrissi Milia with both pebble and sand, and blue water. You can go by car or bike about 2 km away from Patitiri or by boat in 15 minutes from the harbor.

It is a lovely long sandy beach. Good for children and no swimmers as it has shallow water and a gentle decline into deeper water. There is one tavern on the left side of the beach and a small snack bar as well. You can get there by boat in 20 minutes or by car, 5 km from Patitiri.
Another beautiful mixed pebble and sand beach with clear blue water. It is said that if you swim far enough you may be able to see the ruins of an old village under the water. Although there are no official nudist beaches on the island, you may find the odd one or two here occasionally. Take a snack or something to drink with you to avoid disappointment because there is no tavern or bar. You can go by boat in 20 minutes from the port or by car about 6,5 Km from Patitiri.


It is the next beach to Kokkinokastro, smaller than Chrisi Milia but with some common characteristics, as it also has shallow water and a gentle decline into deeper water and blue green color of the sea. There is a tavern and you can go by boat or by car (6, 5 km from Patitiri).

Clear and quiet white pebble beach with nice blue water. There are two taverns open till late at night where you can enjoy local delicacies or drinks. You can go there by car 7, 5 km or by boat in 40 minutes from Patitiri.

If you are in Steni Vala it is the nearest beach for swimming where you can find water sports etc, 15 km from Patitiri.
It is a very beautiful big beach with white pebbles on the NE of the island. There is a bar where you can find something to eat or to drink. You can go by boat in about 1h and 15 m from Patitiri or by car. If you go by car take care during the last 200 meters because the road is very rough.

It is for most people the most isolated, interesting place on the north side of the island. However, it is neither big nor sandy. It is just the name of a region with wild natural beauty where you will find a few beautiful unspoiled beaches. For some lovers of exploring virgin nature we recommend visiting this place. You can go there by jeep or motorbike because the road is rough, 5 km from Patitiri.
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