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During the last 10 years great progress has appeared in the extension and paving of the roads of the island. There are about 45 kilometers of paved roads and roads offering access to all beaches and almost every place on the island. A main road passes through the middle of the island connecting the old village, Patitiri, Votsi and the northern tip of the island (Gerakas). In the middle (in a place named Tsolia Lakka) another road crosses in southeast direction which connects Agios Petros, Steni Vala, Glyfa, Kalamakia, Bambakies, Agios Dimitrios. Along these two roads there are junctions that connect most of the beaches. To the north of the island there is a forest road (without asphalt cover) in good enough condition, passing through Agioi Anargiri, Turkoneri, Megali Ammos and leading to a place named Agallou Lakka. The junction between this road and the main road will be found about 1 km after the turn to Votsi at Kourti Lakka.

The climate of the island is cool and dry in comparison to other regions during the summer, because of the forests, the sea and the local wind named "meltemia". Meltemia is the Aegean Sea local winds coming from the north during the summer. The power of these winds is usually 5 but sometimes gets as strong as 7 units of the Beaufort scale. These winds reach their highest peak after 10.00 am, becoming weak in the afternoon.
  GREEK SUN: The sun in Greece is much hotter and stronger than at home so please be careful initially. Use a high factor sun cream and don't spend long periods in the sun - taking things easy will ensure an even longer lasting tan without the pain and inconvenience of burning. !!! If you do start shivering, feeling dizzy or sick, stay in the shade, drink plenty of water (not alcohol!!!) or fruit juices and try to eat something salty to replace lost salt and potassium.

FOOD: The many restaurants, taverns and ouzeries which can be found in Patitiri, Votsi, Old Alonissos, Steni Vala, Kalamakia in addition to the
various beach restaurants provide their service with a large variety of mezedes, foods, fresh fish and good Greek wine. Don't miss tasting the traditional specialties of the island, such as astakomakaronada (pasta with lobster), kakavia (various fish soup with vegetables), tyropitta (traditional
fry round cheese pie), boureki (traditional meat pie) etc. The basis of Greek food is Mediterranean and Byzantine.

FUN: Alonissos is a silent and quiet island which respects the environment. The nightlife and all the activities for fun are well controlled. You can
enjoy your drink in various bars on the island or your dinner in some taverns in which a program with live music is included.
  CULTURAL EVENTS: During the summer time many events are organized under the responsibility of the municipality and with the cooperation of other local unions, such as music festivals, theatre, exhibitions of photography or painting etc. The traditional Festivals, one on the 26th of July at the harbour ( Agias Paraskevis) and the next on the 15th of August in the old village (Panagias) are also very exciting.

MUNICIPALITY: 24240 65555
FIRE STATION: 24240 65199
POLICE: 24240 65 205
HOSPITAL: 24240 65208
PHARMACY: a) 24240 66096 or b) 24240 65540
NATIONAL BANK: 24240 65777
POST: 24240 65560

Exploring Alonissos on foot, motor bike or by motor boat will make any holiday more enjoyable and will fill you with wonderful impressions and memories that will keep you company in the dull winter days. You can go on foot to the old town of Alonissos at an altitude of 255 m to visit the Venetian castle and enjoy the spectacular views. On a clear day you can see Mount Athos, Mount Olympus, Pelion, Evia, Skyros and Skopelos. Old Alonissos was the main village until 1965 when a large earthquake destroyed most of the houses. It has changed very little and walking through the narrow streets will transport you back in time to Greek island life the way it was. It takes approximately 30 to 50 minutes to walk there. Walking through the pine forest you will enjoy the natural, unspoiled and wild landscape, rich in different flora and fauna. There are some relics of the Byzantine Monastery, which was devoted to the Agii Anargyri that is sure to impress. You can also explore the nearby deserted islands of Kyra Panagia, Gioura, Psathoura and Skantzoura as well as take a trip around the island of Alonissos.More information on yacht charters and sailing vacations in Alonissos and the Northern Sporades. Gioura will fascinate you with its unexplored Cyclops cave as well as a species of goat found only on this island and which is much different to the animals found in Gyaros Crete and the Alps. At Psathoura there are the remnants of an ancient city, which is submerged in the sea. There is also a wrecked Byzantine freighter in the harbor of Agios Petros, where excavations are presently taking place.

FISHING: Alonissos is a paradise for the fisherman and especially for those, who like spear-gun fishing. The local fishermen will show you the best places for fishing and will take you there in their caiques.
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