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  Alonissos (Liadromia) is a picturesque green island of the Northern Sporades, which covers an area of 64 square kilometers. The rest of the area, of 80 sq. km is covered by the following small islands that surround it (Peristera 16 sq. km, Kyra-Panagia 25 sq. km, Gioura 14 sq. km, Skantzoura 12 sq. km, Piperi 8 sq. km, Psathoura 1 sq. km, Dio Adelfi 3 sq. km etc).

The highest point of the island is the mountain Kouvouli with an altitude of 476 meters with smaller mountains consisting of Geladias 456 m, Tourkovigla 343 m, Kalovoulos 355 m, Vouno 255 m etc.

The inhabited area consists of Patitiri, which is the capital of Alonissos, the adjacent villages of Rsoum and Votsi and also old Alonissos and the seaside resorts of Steni-vala and Kalamakia. It is in these settlements that the population of about 3000 people is mainly spread. There are also many isolated cottages, as well, as small picturesque churches.
  Alonissos is covered with pine trees, olive trees, almond-trees, holm oaks, mastic-trees, arbutus bushes and also fruit-bearing trees.

Its clear sea, dreamy coasts, bays, vegetation, the inhabitants traditional hospitality and the calm, cool atmosphere make Alonissos a place where someone can really rest during one' s summer holidays and come back into daily life refreshed and full of new impressions. Administratively the
island is attached to the province of Skopelos, which is a part of the Prefecture of Magnesia, while religiously belonging to the Metropolis of Chalkis.

The island has a sub-directorate of its own, Constabulary, Customhouse, telecommunications office, Public Electric Works office and Post office. There
is also an elementary school of six grades as well as a junior and senior high school.

Alonissos, third in size of the Northern Sporades, has taken its name after the liberation of Greece from Turkish tyranny and the establishment of the New Greek nation. In ancient times Alonissos was called IKOS and it is possible that Alonissos was once the name of the small island of Kyra-Panagia.

The relics of prehistorical times that are found on Alonissos such as Cyclopean walls, fortifications, Charnel - houses etc. show us how little we know about the island, the history of which is so old that can easily be forgotten as the centuries pass by.

It is positively known that like all the islands of the Northern Sporades, the Dollops populated Alonissos, who were related to the tribe of Pelasgi, who with the passing of time were changed into dangerous pirates, who plagued the Aegean Sea. The Athenian fleet under the command of Kimonos challenged them resulting in the defeat and annexation of all the islands to the Athenian State. Later on, the Macedonian King Philip had an eye on Alnicos; a fact that compelled the great orator of ancient times Demosthenes to write his fiery speech "About Alonissos". During the Byzantine Empire, Alonissos flourished, a fact made known to us by the monuments of that period, which to this day attract the attention of the visitors. The island was in these times conquered by the Francs, who completed the existing fortification.
  Finally, it submitted like the rest of Greece to the Turks. Under Turkish tyranny, the island was deprived of any special interest. The inhabitants were few and agricultural production small. The island depended more on the neighboring, more populated island of Skopelos. It is only now, in recent years, that the island is flourishing and it owes this to its clear waters, beautiful coastline, pine-clad areas and the hospitality of its inhabitants. More information on AlonissosTravel Guide from Greek Island Postcards.
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